Dehydrate It

Change the form. Vary the use. Expand your notions.

Beet & Fennel Brine

Beet & Fennel Brine

Put it in a Shaker – Sprinkle on Soups – Stir into Stews – Dry Rub Meat – Top your Popcorn – Lime Pickle Hollandaise

Spice up your Marinade – Sauerkraut Leather – Rim a Cocktail – Add it to a Dressing – Toast on a Bun – Season your Fries


Fermented Chili Powder & Flakes

Make a Simple Syrup – Replace Salt – Add to Pasta Dough – Dust Chocolate – Flavor Sauces – Lick off Fingers

Season your Burger – Make a Dip – Add Complexity to Chili – Keep by the Grill – Instant Broth

Spice up Mayonnaise – Whisk into Batter – Coat your Crackers & Chips – Add to Pickling Spices – Sprinkle on Deviled Eggs


Lime Pickle Powder

Whip into Butter – Toss into Salads – Sprinkle on your Pizza – Add to Guacamole – Add to Batters –¬†Season Nuts


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