Saffron Kombucha SCOBY

Years ago I attended a lecture given by the renowned author and horticulturist Ann Lovejoy. During the Q & A session Ann was asked by an audience member what her secret to success in the garden was. “Killing thousands of plants,” was her reply.

Best not be to attached to the outcome of your ferments. This is not to say that you should adopt an air of casual indifference or irreverence. Surely you should not. You must always approach your work with care and attention. You must set an intention for a positive outcome. But fermentation can be a cruel mistress, indifferent to your desires. It is best to shield your heart from disappointment so great it leads to inaction. Giving up.

We are all aware of what fear of failure does to our creativity. Our lively spirits.

We are often asked about ferments going bad or wrong. Bad? Wrong? Bad for who? The ferment? I guarantee you the ferment is doing just fine. Populations rise and fall. There is conversion, action, liveliness. Bad for you? Were you not given information? Did you not learn something? Were you paying attention?

Remain open to possibility. Regard the process with curiosity and awe. Sometimes the outcome is truly precious. The collaboration between you and the unseen world can yield something so stunning in its elegance, that its beauty leaves you breathless.


Saffron Kombucha


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