Flavor your Brine


Tokyo Turnips in a Saffron Brine

We don’t add water to most of our ferments. Water dilutes flavor. When a vegetable is dry, like say celeriac, we a add a vegetable with a high moisture content, such as an allium, to help create a brine. When fermenting whole vegetables however, water brining becomes necessary.

It is common practice to create a salt water brine and to pour it over the vegetables along with herbs and spices and the flavor is extracted during the ferment.

We find that we can get more flavor if we make a strong tea of our herbs and spices, then add salt and brine with that tea.

More flavor for sure, but still I think there could be even more. What if we dried our vegetables just a little before brining? Would they pull in more flavor as they re-hydtrated,  absorbing the brine?

We should try it.


Dragon Tongue Radishes Fermented in a Parsley Coriander Brine


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